About Us

WestCoastGymEquipment was founded in 2010 in Portland, Oregon by Michael Work with the goal of bringing high quality new and refurbished exercise equipment to consumers for the lowest price possible. We have seen the impact that is created in peoples lives when access to exercise equipment is available, and this is the key that drives our business. From full scale gyms, to small and large business, hotels and individuals, we have enjoyed the process of helping enhance and support peoples lives by promoting a positive and healthy lifestyle through exercise. 

Our Products

The majority of our products are used or refurbished. This is how we are able to give such competitive prices. Often times this means units come out of gyms, studios, hotels, or in some instances, homes. Once we have the equipment in our possession we fully refurbish, inspect and make any repairs (if necessary) to insure every units meets our standard and is in perfect working order. 

Our Office

4739 se 25th ave

Portland, Or 97202


Contact Us

Feel free to contact us regarding questions about our products, or any other concerns or inquiries. 

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